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At the core of our network, you will find a team of experts ready to support you. They are professionals who will closely follow your startup's development as it progresses, but who will also be able to help you on a day-to-day basis. Behind the growth path offered by Hubble, you will find a core of digital innovators like you: a comprehensive team with the resources and knowledge you need to achieve your goals and navigate through all of the development prospects you'll discover during the acceleration program.


Nana Bianca


Fondazione per la Ricerca e l'Innovazione


Fondazione per la Ricerca e l'Innovazione


Fondazione CR Firenze


Nana Bianca

CR Firenze

Over the past 25 years, FCRF has contributed to the redesign of Florence into an international hub based on economic and social development through the promotion of research and innovation. A foundation with banking origins, FCRF is a nonprofit entity that pursues social interest through various types of grantmaking instruments, including direct projects, thematic calls and instrumental subjects, or by making ordinary grants for third-party projects that have converging objectives with its program goals.

Fondazione per la Ricerca e l’Innovazione

The Foundation for Research and Innovation promotes Technology Transfer and Higher Education, as well as relationships and projects between the worlds of Business and Universities, funding opportunities for innovation, and entrepreneurship creation. One of the Foundation's missions is the dissemination of technological culture, and it supports Hubble as a strategic and multidisciplinary project with social and production issues, dedicated to enhancing synergies between the worlds of universities and business.

Our Partners

AWS offers elaborations service, database storage, content distribution/delivery and other features.

Sistema Invitalia Startup is the network created by Invitalia as a place to connect and compare hot topics in innovation, to listen to the needs of territories and to share expertise, to act as a hinge between various actors and help facilitate development policies.

Almacube is the business incubator of the University of Bologna. Learn about services for researchers, young start-up entrepreneurs and mature companies.

The firm was established by the initiative and will of a group of professionals with professional experience in the areas of administrative, civil, commercial and community.

Fondazione Italiana Accenture aims to stimulate and enhance technological innovation and promote initiatives with high social impact.

Innovation hub that activates a talent pipeline that can include training paths to Venture Capital investments.

Punto Impresa Digitale is the free service of the Florence Chamber of Commerce dedicated to spreading knowledge of digital innovation to companies in all economic sectors.

Confindustria Firenze is the main representative organization of manufacturing and service enterprises in the Florentine province.

FIRST Lab is a laboratory of the University of Florence, aimed at welcoming new ideas to be transformed into services and prototypes with high added value and social impact, intended for citizens, public administrations and businesses.

WMF is the premier training event for all people who make digital and web marketing their job.

Tells daily stories of those who turn their ideas into entrepreneurial projects, their successes, problems and advice for succeeding in their ventures.

Learn about the innovation networks of a city racing to evolve its production, technology and logistics system.

The Civic Network of the City of Florence.

ARTES 4.0 was created to associate University Partners, Research Institutions, Training Institutes, Foundations, Third Sector Entities, Non-Profit Entities, Associations and Innovative Companies in order to provide partners and industry with dedicated technologies and services to meet their needs.